Joseph "Joey" Bonzo is Dunkey's Drummer/Producer and who is mentioned by Dunkey in a few of his Super Mario 64 Let's Plays. He is first mentioned in Episode 6, titled, "Are U Kidding". All the information known about him is that he is a Drumming God. He is also the only known homosexual but has a wife named Charlene, he also has a dog. Joey Bonzo has died twice throughout the series, once after he messed up getting a star on Mario 64 he over dosed on cocaine, the second time he died was when he was murdered by Dunkey for playing the drums too loud. He doesn't get paid by Dunkey but for an unknown reason he entered contractual agreement to appear in Mario 64 episodes. Not only this, but Joey Bonzo is also a piano god and can play any instrument and has been releasing Christmas albums his whole life, including "Christmas With the Kranks" with Dunkey and Dyrone Tonk. He was incarcerated for conspiracy when his album "Christmas With the Bonzos" revealed a plot to murder the president. Bonzo is also a convicted rapist. Ladies and gentlemen, Joey Bonzo!